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F92 Round Bars

F92 Round Bars

F92 Round Bars

Jayant Impex Pvt Ltd, India, Maharashtra, Khopoli, Mumbai are leading Alloy Steel F92 Round Bars, X10CrWMoVNb9-2, 1.4901, K92460, P92 Bars supplier, exporter, trader, wholesaler, stockist.

Grade T/P92 is a ferritic-martensitic (9 % chromium, 1.75 % tungsten, 0.5 % molybdenum) steel micro-alloyed with vanadium and niobium, and has controlled boron and nitrogen contents according to ASTM A 335, A 213 or to EN 10216-2 standard under the designation X10CrWMoVNb9-2.

Size Specifications for Alloy Steel F92 Round Bars: 10mm upto 200mm

Size Specifications for Alloy Steel F92 Square, Flat, Rectangular Bars: 10mm upto 70mm in thickness, 500mm to 6000mm length(can be Customized)

Size Specifications for Alloy Steel F92 Hollow Bars: 50mm upto 600mm in diameter as welded hollow bars & 12inch to 24inch diameter as seamless hollow bars

Size Specifications for Alloy Steel F92 Hollow Rings: 50mm upto 600mm in diameter as welded hollow rings & 12inch to 24inch diameter as seamless hollow rings

Chemical Composition (Chemistry) of F92 Round Bars / X10CrWMoVNb9-2 / 1.4901 / K92460 / P92 Bars:

Carbon, C


Manganese, Mn


Phosphorus, P (max)


Sulfur, S (max)


Silicon, Si

0.50 max

Chromium, Cr


Molybdenum, Mo


Vanadium, V


Nitrogen, N


Nickel, Ni (max)


Aluminum, Al (max)


Niobium, Cb


Tungsten, W


Boron, B


Titanium, Ti (max)


Zirconium, Zr (max)


Different Designations of Alloy Steel F92:

UNS: K92460, X10CrWMoVNb9-2, 1.4901

Applications of Alloy Steel F92:

In fossil-fuelled power plants, this grade is mainly used for high-temperature applications in superheater and reheater tubes, headers and steam piping (main steam and hot reheat). 

Challenges of Alloy Steel F92:

Grade T/P92 exhibits excellent elevated-temperature strength and creep behavior up to 600 °C - 620 °C. Its 9 % chromium content offers better corrosion and oxidation resistance than grade 22. In addition, the reduced weight of boiler and piping components resulting from the steel's superior performance compared with other standard steels allows higher resistance to thermal fatigue. Compared with austenitic steels, grade T/P92 has higher heat transfer and lower thermal expansion coefficients. 

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In the early 1990s, T/P91 began to replace T/P22 as the material of choice for high-energy piping in U.S. power plants. T/P91’s higher allowable stress enabled engineers to design pipes with much thinner walls, saving plant owners a substantial amount of money in materials costs as well as reducing the bill for fabricating and installing the piping. And T/P91’s higher creep-rupture strength allows piping made of it to survive higher temperatures and pressures than piping constructed of T/P22. T/P91 also has higher corrosion-oxidation resistance than T/P22.

The popularity of T/P91 grew so quickly that it became the preferred material for high-temperature steam systems (>1,000F) in a majority of U.S. combined-cycle power plants built in the 1990s. It is currently used as pipe material for main steam and hot reheat piping as well as for tube material in heat-recovery steam generators (HRSGs).

With the exception of the modulus of elasticity, T/P92’s mechanical properties are superior to those of T/P91, especially at temperatures above 1,100F. Accordingly, the use of T/P92 instead of T/P91 in new coal plant design and construction should yield benefits similar to those produced by the switch from T/P22 to T/P91.

T/P92 is being heralded as a superior and lower-cost alternative to T/P91 for new power plants with pressures above 3,600 psi and temperatures above 1,100F—such as the supercritical and ultra-supercritical units proposed to be built in the U.S. over the next few years. The switch from T/P91 to T/P92 would represent the next step in an evolution.

In terms of mechanical properties, although T/P92 has a lower yield strength than T/P91, the former’s tensile strength is greater than the latter’s at room temperature. The creep-rupture strength of T/P92 is slightly higher than that of T/P91 over a range of temperatures up to 1,200F. Significantly, T/P92’s creep-rupture strength remains fairly constant over a temperature range of 1,020F to 1,200F—a valuable property for high-energy piping applications.

As with T/P91, the welding of T/P92 is just as sensitive to chemistry, heat treatment, and environment as its fabrication. The chemistry of the weld material is one of the most influential factors in maintaining the original material strength. There are five elements that have the largest effect on weld properties:

  • Nitrogen. Nitrogen influences T/P92’s creep-rupture strength because it forms carbonitrides. It also increases the steel’s yield and tensile strength but lowers its ductility and toughness.
  • Manganese and nickel. Working in concert, these two elements have a large influence on T/P92’s AC1 and AC3 temperatures. In turn, those temperatures influence the PWHT temperature of the material and the toughness of the weld.
  • Columbium. Columbium negatively affects toughness but has a great positive influence on creep strength (as does vanadium).
  • Boron. Boron has a strong influence on creep properties. It should be kept in the lower range of the specification for optimum welding characteristics and to avoid reducing impact strength.

There are other elements that need to be carefully monitored for their effects on weld properties. Tungsten should be carefully introduced in the filler metal to avoid local delta ferrite areas. Titanium and aluminum also should be monitored due to their influence on nitride formation

A bright future

As T/P92 begins to make inroads in the U.S. its long-term success will require the following:

  • Continued research on creep-rupture strength and fatigue life for T/P92 materials.
  • Continued monitoring of the failures of T/P91 to determine whether any failure mechanisms are applicable to similar T/P92 applications.
  • Careful monitoring of the failures of T/P92-equivalent piping in European and Japanese power plants—especially those involving dissimilar-metal welds.
  • Development of proper filler materials for welding T/P92, both to itself and to dissimilar metals.

Above content reference from powermag site—P. Jason Dobson


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